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Holiday/Christmas party 2010

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2010 Year In Review

The year began with my biggest birthday party, ever that was transformed into a fund raiser for Haitian earthquake relief.‘s studio for video production came into full gear.  4 Camera HD videos with high fidelity stereo sound provided by world class audio engineer, Kamilo Kratc with video assistance from his wife, Sandra Kratc, audio assistance  from new family member, DJ Javick and help from Jake Fischer.

This site wouldn’t have the capability it has without the genius of Clinton Bradley who for the last 14 years constantly improved my ability in technology.
Always props to Little Johnny Rivero who’s devotion to my cause is endless.  My wife, Vivianne has provided the most delicious meals for the musical talent that has been so kind to lend their talent to,
2010 came to an end with the addition of theater drapes for’s studio for the good look and improved sound.
2010 produced the greatest variety of music.  Over 8,500,000 viewing by year end and growing.

We had variety!

Traditional Latin- Little Johnny Rivero, Fajardo, Jr., Pete Nater,
Latin Jazz-Onel Mulet, U(n)ity, Ernesto Simpson, Victor Bastidas,
World-Juancho Herrera, Forestdance/Kevin Nathaniel, JC Maillard, Gilmar Gomes
Solos-Xavier Perez, Conrad Herwig, Max Cudworth, Samuel Torres, David Gibson, José Davila, Ole Mathisen, Alex Norris, Daniel Sadownick, Eddie Pazant, Michael Dease
Jazz-Victor Jones
Most viewed  congahead videos for 2010:

NY Gypsy All Stars-Crosswinds

Little Johnny Rivero’s Heat Wave

Onel Mulet

Now vs Now-7 Ways

Ernesto Simpson

Emeline Michel

Africa Forestdance

Conrad Herwig


Juancho Herrera

Marshall Gilkes

José Davila

Victor Bastidas

Max Cudworth

Fajardo, Jr.

Samuel Torres

Dave Gibson

Xavier Perez

Giovanni Hidalgo, timbales

Daniel Sadownick


Ole Mathisen Tenor Sax and computer

Tenor sax man, Ole Mathisen stopped by the studio to perform a couple of tunes with computer accompaniment.YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

James Moody R.I.P.

Jazz sax player James Moody passed away on December 9, 2010 in San Diego at the age of 85.


Benitez-John and his son, Francis perform for

On December 7, 2010 John and his son, Francis Benitez brought their respective bands to the studio to perform.


Manuel Valera, John Benitez, Tom Guarna, Francis Benitez, Will Vinson and Obatalú Allende

Misha Tsiganov,  Jennifer Vincent, Francis Benitez and Steve Brickman

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image