Congahead’s 100k Subscribers Giveaway

The Congahead channel on Youtube now has 100,000 subscribers!!! We want to thank everyone who has been part of our growth. To celebrate we are having giveaway as a thank you! 3rd place will receive two pairs of Vic Firth timbal sticks, 2nd a mini tunable LP conga, and 1st a top running classic LP conga. Good Luck!

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img_5303 img_6521 img_1584 img_2601_0 Steve Toure and Sonny Fortune Justin Stanton Jouhara and Martin in front of Le Baiser Salé, Paris France. cy5c0848 'Nuf Said Lincoln Goins and Giovanni Hidalgo David Silliman Geoff and Rebecca p1020524 Roland and Eddy Balma p1140081_processed p1220227 2K9A9980-Edit DSC06163-Edit-Edit DSC01206 P1270861 Kambalachi. Johnny Fiortunato, Roberto Quintero, Angel Justinano, Toninho, Boza Rivera, Stalin Rivadeneyra, Cesar Zarate. Seated, Eduardo Cossis, Roberto Chino Bolanos (leader) and Hector Jereto Ferreyra Thomas Jeremy Powell CY5C3948 2K9A4800_Processed p1120294 img_3500 Lewis Kahn, Sam Burtis and Jimmy Bosch p1120521 img_2611 Cruise ship along the Embarcadero

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