I have spent a life-time taking photographs, and I have made my passion for the visual image an integral ingredient in the success of LP®, the company I founded in 1964. At its heart, the tradition of LP® percussionist photo gatherings embodies my love of photographing musicians, and it illustrates to the world the diversity of performers who embrace and play the company's fine, percussion instruments. Some of the photo sessions that have taken place over the years have originated in the LP® studio while others have occurred on location. Whatever the setting, the shoots have enhanced the understanding of the musicians' needs, and they have infused a sense of community among the participants.

Hollywood (1988)

The first LP® artist group photo shoot was held in Hollywood in May of 1988 when I brought a group of LA percussionists together in a Sunset Boulevard studio.

South Bronx - Tito Puente's 65th Birthday (1989)

Designed to celebrate Tito Puente's sixty-fifth birthday, the second took place in 1989 when a distinguished group of musicians gathered in a small South Bronx park that had been reclaimed from dereliction by a group of concerned citizens led by Al Quiñones.

San Francisco (Early 90's)

At the second West Coast gathering, a group of Latin and Brazilian musicians assembled at the Mission Cultural Center in San Francisco, a city teeming with cultural activity.

British Endorser (1994)

I made a trip to Europe to attend the Reunification Jam, a concert for the reunification of Germany. Throughout the trip, I kept company with the best percussionists in Europe. I had scheduled a group photo shoot of London percussionists, but it was raining the day of the shoot. Fortunately, someone was able to locate an indoor facility with a huge skylight that saved the day. Artists who attended the shoot were Harry Morgan, Miles Bould, William Cumberbacag, Will Parnell, Robin Jones, Shovell, Pasquale Benadjaoud, Karl Van Den Bossche & Roberto Plá.

Canales, Puerto Rico (1994)

Little Johnny Rivero organized the third group photo, which took place in Canales, a housing project in Puerto Rico.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (2001)

In 2003, LP® artist Steve Thornton arranged the fifth gathering in his neighborhood in Kuala Lumpur. The diversity of the musicians in attendance and the exotic nature of the locale helped to demonstrate the universal appeal of LP® instruments.

Bronx (2002)

In 2002, the Bronx shoot was repeated, regrettably without the recently departed Tito Puente. Little Johnny Rivero organized this fourth gathering calling upon almost one hundred LP® artists to fill the small park that had been surrounded by decay in 1989. This time, however, the participants were enveloped by a rejuvenated neighborhood of restored buildings and townhouses.

Puerto Rico (2004)

Little Johnny Rivero assembled another group of singers, percussionists, and arrangers in Puerto Rico on February 17, 2004. By their presence, these artists demonstrated their support and affection for LP® and its superior products.

La Peña, San Francisco (2004)

A recent gathering took place on April 6, 2004 when I brought a group of Bay Area musicians together outside of La Peña, California to celebrate the dynamic Afro-Cuban culture in the area. The memorable images that are the result of all of these events are happy reminders of the familial relationship that LP® enjoys with its superb artists.

Center Staging, Hollywood, Ca (2004)

Two decades after I took the first LA group shot of musicians in Hollywood, California, I returned to photograph the gathering of a new generation. More than 50 of the finest musicians in Los Angeles arrived at Center Staging on October 5, 2004 to show their support for Latin Percussion.