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Profiles in Greatness

"Monday Rumba" at C.I.A. Music
"Vegas Bembe" by Johnny "Dandy" Rodriquez and Jose Madera
"Vegas Mambo" by Jose Madera
Luis Miranda (interview)
"A Visit with Tati"
Franklin Lamothe (interview)
Jose Madera (interview)
Rogelio Dárias (interview)
Johnny "Dandy" Rodriquez (interview)
Raul Collazo (interview)
Johnny Palomo (interview)
Joe Torres (interview)
"Dandy's Las Vegas Rumba"
Pucho Brown (interview)
Pucho Brown solo (timbale)
Daniel Sadownick solo
Erik Piza and Orlando Vega performance
Tony Escapa solo
"Cha Chat Cha" by Little Johnny Rivero and the Curtis Brothers
"We'll Do It Again" by Little Johnny Rivero and the Curtis Brothers
"Canton" by Andrea Tierra with Edmar Castañeda
Marshall Gilkes trombone solo
Edmar Castañeda harp solo
"Cuarto de Colores" by Edmar Castañeda Trio
"Good Morning Mrs. Spiderweb" by Arturo Stable featuring Javier Vercher and Rodolfo Edward Perez
"The Call" by Arturo Stable featuring Javier Vercher and Rodolfo Edward Perez
Arturo Stable solo (timbale)
Rodolfo Pacheco solo
"La Vie Musicien" by Plezîn Nap Pran
"Vodou Lakay" by Rara Lakay
"We Found It" by Groupo Niche musicians
Tommy Lopez with Chembo Corniel (solo)
Armando Peraza solo (congas and bongos)
Banda Brothers (performance for Profiles in Greatness West Coast)
Joey Deleon solo (congas)
Kevin Ricard solo (bongo and pandeiro)
Ron Powell solo (pandeiro)
Songs from Nanny Assis
Jorge Gonzalez solo (bongos, cowbell and guiro)
David Silliman solo (percussion)
"Explorations in Time" by Javier Diaz

(Group Movies are listed under G)
Airto Moreira - "Spirit of Percussion"   RealVideo
Airto Moreira - "Airto's Improv"   RealVideo
Johnny Almendra   RealVideo
Frankie Beverly and Maze QuickTime  
Blue Mambo - "So It Goes"   RealVideo
Brazil's Carlinhos Brown Sings Patato's LP Theme Song QuickTime  
Pucho Brown and his Latin Soul Brothers - "Quiet Village"   RealVideo
Bronx Photo Shoot - Video courtesy of Willie Villegas   RealVideo
Cafe - "Mother Africa"     RealVideo
Candido's 79th Birthday Tribute by The Holmes Family QuickTime  
Edmar Castañeda & David Silliman - "Edmar's Tune"   RealVideo
Celso and Papo Clemente with Tito Rojas QuickTime  
José "Chao" Diaz   RealVideo
The Marvin Diz Band: Pensando En La Habana
Paquito D'Rivera's Flute Party QuickTime RealVideo
Paquito D'Rivera QuickTime RealVideo
Tony Escapa & Friends - "Escape From Whitestone"   RealVideo
Guillerme Franko - "Samba Para Martin"   RealVideo
Alfredo De la Fé Orchestra - Descarge Melao   RealVideo
G - Armando Peraza, Karl Perazzo and Raul Rekow - "Armando's Groove"   RealVideo
G - Behind the Scenes during LP's Visit to LA for a photoshoot   RealVideo
G - Ben Lapidus, Hector Torres, Francisco Cotto, Ivan Zervigon & Eddy Zervigon   RealVideo
G - Carlos "Patato" Valdez & The Harbor Conservatory Latin Big Band QuickTime  
G - Carlos "Patato'" Valdez & Candido Camero @ LP QuickTime  
G - Cassio Duarte, Ron Powell & Friends - "Feitiço"   RealVideo
G - Chago Martinez with Victor Roque & Carmelo Alverez QuickTime  
G - Chago Martinez, Junito Castro, Tito Matos and Marcos Lopez - "The Congahead Beat"   RealVideo
G - Chembo Corniel & Grupo Chaworó - "Cha Blues"   RealVideo
G - Chembo Corniel & Grupo Chaworó - "Ñongo"   RealVideo
G - Chiemi Nakai - "Chiemi Mambo"   RealVideo
G - Choro Ensemble - "1x0"   RealVideo
G - Cubanismo - "Havana Rush"   RealVideo
G - David Gomez & Logical Progressions - "Visions of Mahamundra"   RealVideo
G - Eddie Montalvo, Little Johnny Rivero, Luisito Quintero, Roberto Quintero, Victor Hernandez, Diomedes 'Pucho' Matos & Edwin Sanchez - "Gozando con Martin"   RealVideo
G - Edmar Castañeda, Roberto Quintero & Dimas Ovalle QuickTime  
G - Edmar Castañeda, Ron Powell & Steve Sidelnyk - "Harp Jam" QuickTime  
G - Frankie Morales Rehearsing with Tito Nieves band QuickTime  
G - Groupo Guaco   RealVideo
G - Ilu Aye - "La Tinosa"   RealVideo
G - Little Johnny Rivero, Pedro "Pedrito" Martinez, Robby Ammen & others - "Vivdevine"   RealVideo
G - LP Jam at La Peña in San Francisco, April 6, 2004   RealVideo
G - LP Studio Jam QuickTime  
G - Mango Blue - "Los Rumberos"   RealVideo
G - Maraca Y Otra Vision - "Martin's Carrero"   RealVideo
G - Maraca Y Otra Vision - "Timbita"   RealVideo
G - Martin Cohen's 63rd Birthday at SOB's QuickTime  
G - Martin Cohen's 65th Birthday Bash in Montvale, NJ   RealVideo
G - Martin Cohen's 66th Birthday Bash in Montvale, NJ
*Special thanks for Willie Villegas
G - Miguel "Papilon" Alvarez, Samuel "Neco" Jiminez & Roberto Quintero   RealVideo
G - Nadeen Gautier, Steve Seda & Eddie Montalvo - Mambo QuickTime  
G - Nadeen Gautier & Domingo Quinones - Montvale Mambo   RealVideo
G - Nelson Gonzalez with Eric Velez QuickTime  
G - NY Samba Jazz - "Berimbau Fantasia / Partido Out"   RealVideo
G - Pedro "Pedrito" Martinez, Marvin Diz & Mauricio Herrera
Jam at LP® Studio
G - Ralph Irizarry, Luisito Quintero & Little Johnny Rivero - "Belmont Fantasy"   RealVideo
G - Scenes from LP's 40th Anniversary Concert at S.O.B.'s on 4/29/04
*Special thanks for Willie Villegas
G - Terreon Gully and Pedro "Pedrito" Martinez - "Between Friends"   RealVideo
G - The Bata Project: Keep Talking   RealVideo
G - The Damon Grant Project - Descarga Pequena   RealVideo
G - The Dana Leong Band: Black and White   RealVideo
G - The Dana Leong Band: Rain   RealVideo
G - The Dana Leong Band: Bonefied   RealVideo
G - The Justo Almario Quintet w/special guest Kevin Ricard - "Be Bop Drive"   RealVideo
G - The Manny Valera Band - "El Oeste"   RealVideo
G - The Pequeno Johnny Band: Mr. LP   RealVideo
Gino Sitson and Heilo Alves - "Lucia"   RealVideo
Giovanni Hidalgo   RealVideo
Giovanni Hidalgo - A Symphony of Percussion   RealVideo
Giovanni Hidalgo - Conga Solo from LP's 40th Anniversary Concert at S.O.B.'s on 4/29/04
*Special thanks for Willie Villegas
Giovanni Hidalgo in Germany QuickTime  
Nortberto Goldberg & Friends - "La Keta"   RealVideo
H - The Joey Heredia Quintet w/special guest Joey De Leon - "Freight Train"   RealVideo
Zakir Hussain Visits LP® QuickTime  
Bashiri Johnson QuickTime  
Yves Joseph QuickTime  
Kambalache Negro Negro - "Festejo al Ritmo / Zapateo"   RealVideo
Kambalache Negro Negro - "Kambalache"   RealVideo
La Circunstancia - "La Circunstancia"   RealVideo
LP Jazz Ensemble - "Do You Feel It?"   RealVideo
Lucretia Sings @ Tito's Memorial Fundraiser QuickTime  
Jose Mangual, Jr. QuickTime RealVideo
Manhattan Vibes: Kezia   RealVideo
Pedro Martinez QuickTime  
Pedro Martinez w/ His Cuban Friends & special guest Little Johnny Rivero - "Timbasa"     RealVideo
Eddie Montalvo QuickTime  
The Eddie Montalvo Project: Porque Te Emenas   RealVideo
Mariano Morales   RealVideo
Los Muñequitos - Los Congahead   RealVideo
Munyungo Jackson Jams in the LP Studio     RealVideo
Munyungo Jackson - "Munyun-Go-Go"     RealVideo
NAMM Convention 2003 - Armando Peraza QuickTime  
NAMM Convention 2003 - Giovanni Hidalgo QuickTime  
NAMM Convention 2003 - Little Johnny QuickTime  
NAMM Convention 2003 - Pedro and Giovanni QuickTime  
NAMM Convention 2003 - Pedro Martinez QuickTime  
Chino Nuñez & Friends - "Con La LP"   RealVideo
Obbini Tumbao: Parece Pero No Lo Es   RealVideo
Luisito Orbegoso - "Orbegoso Swing"   RealVideo
One by One - Luis Orbegoso   RealVideo
Orquesta Canela - "Juanchito"   RealVideo
Orquesta Canela - "No Me Engañes"   RealVideo
Rodolfo Pacheco   RealVideo
The Palladium - Where Mambo Was King: Photo Gallery QuickTime  
Eddie Palmieri QuickTime  
PiTTi Hecht - "With Out You"   RealVideo
Gordon "Specs" Powell Interview QuickTime  
Tito Puente Birthday Tribute QuickTime  
Tito Puente the Painter QuickTime  
Tito Puente at the Blue Note QuickTime  
Tito Puente Interview QuickTime RealVideo
Tito Puente's Memorial Scholarship Boat Ride - Part 1 QuickTime  
Tito Puente's Memorial Scholarship Boat Ride - Part 2 QuickTime  
Audrey Puente's 30th Birthday Party QuickTime  
Robert Quintero QuickTime  
Luisito Quintero QuickTime  
Little Johnny Rivero at SOB's with his NYC Giants QuickTime  
Little Johnny Rivero Pushup Show QuickTime RealVideo
Ruben Rodriguez-Con Alma QuickTime RealVideo
Gerardo Rosales QuickTime  
Secrets of Drum Head Mounting Revealed     RealVideo
Dave Silliman, Romero and Mario Rodriguez - "Puerto Esperanza"     RealVideo
Dave Silliman, Romero and Mario Rodriguez - "Concerto Aranjuez"     RealVideo
Harvito Suarez (aka Harvie S.) Performs Bass Guajira QuickTime  
Tambo Jazz - "The Bronx Zoo"     RealVideo
Steve Thornton QuickTime  
Samuel Torres - "LP Mania"   RealVideo
Truco Y Zaperoko - Conga Trucoy -   RealVideo
Chucho Valdes - Chucho's Congahead   RealVideo
Carlos 'Patato' Valdez and Enrique Fernandez   RealVideo
Carlos 'Patato' Valdez performs a Tumbao with stick QuickTime  
Carlos 'Patato' Valdez performs a Tumbao QuickTime  
Carlos 'Patato' Valdez shows off his dancing skills QuickTime  
Orlando 'Maraca' Valle   RealVideo
Karl Van Den Bossche   RealVideo