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Nelson Gonzalez & Eric Velez


Nelson Gonzalez, Tres (Cuban stringed instrument) player with Marc Anthony, is one of the many talented musicians who are featured on the remastered CD's Authority and Ready For Freddy on the LP label.

As it turned out, Nelson was a key collaborator whose diligence was critical to the release of those historical recordings. Since his chosen instrument is not well understood in the lineage of Latin music, recognition has not come as easily to Nelson Gonzales as to some of his contemporaries. But make no mistake about his place in the pantheon of great players. When they get around to inducting players into the Latin Music Hall of Fame, Nelson Gonzales will a shoe-in on the first ballot!

Eric Velez, percussionist with Marc Anthony and DLG, grew up surrounded by music. He remembers listening to his brother Jose play with Marc Quiñones, Tito and Bobby Allende.

Eric learned to play in the Cuban tradition but espouses the concept of embracing a wider world of music and percussion when defining his goals. This has led him to learn from the diversity of players who tread the stage worldwide.