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Yves Joseph



Yves Joseph and his band Taboo Combo are ambassadors of the unique musical traditions of their native Haiti. Much of the country's slave population originated from the Dahoumie region of Africa, an area colonized by France, as was Haiti. The language served as a bond and a point of commonality.

The islands of the Caribbean constitute a unique history lesson with language as its chief artifact. The prevalence of English, Spanish, French, and Dutch serve as reminders of the cultures that shaped respective territories. A dialect called Creole French evolved in Haiti, and is shared with other French islands Martinique and Guadeloupe. A musicologist looking for the source of Haitian music will find it in the African drums of Dahoumie and the lilting rhythms of centuries of French patois. Those indigenous rhythms became the basis of Haitian music, but the region's Latin influences have shaped its contemporary character.