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Harry Belafonte

Harry Belefonte has been, in a big but unrecognized way, responsible for the wide spread popularity of the use of percussion in non-Caribbean applications. He well remembered the days in 1961 when Ralph MacDonald played with him and would add percussion to the folk music sections of the show. It was from this era that the modern percussion table was derived. The first one was made for Ralph out of wood in a facility in Canada.

Currently Jimmy Delgado, another LP endorser, performs and tours with Harry. My wife Vivianne was thrilled when Jimmy escorted us backstage to meet Harry Belefonte after his performance at The Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, New Jersey on April 20, 1999. Harry somehow knew that Vivianne wasn't a local lady and when he found out she was from Haiti, he said he courted his wife there and had wonderful memories of the place.


I couldn't resist getting in the photo with one of the most influential musicians to effect the percussion business, Mr. Harry "Day Oh" Belefonte.