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Pucho Brown

I've known Pucho Brown for a long time. I first met him when he was working a gig at Arthur's Roundtable in the Bronx. He has been my friend ever since.

Pucho comes from the Black side of Latin music. While the Latin explosion was taking place in Spanish Harlem in New York in the 1960's, Pucho was working the other side of town with a devotion to  music's Cuban roots and the greatness of Tito Puente.  He took the funk of Willie Bobo, the drive of Mongo and extended his music in the direction of what was called boogaloo which is now being called Acid Jazz.

When I toured Europe with the Latin Percussion Jazz Ensemble that featured Tito and Patato in the summer of 1980, he came along to help manage the tour.

Pucho is by his own description an old school timbale player. A big cowbell, a cymbal and a whole lot of soul.

He has been a bandleader for just about his entire career and starting sometime in the early 1990's, his career shot up when someone in England rediscovered his sound. He has been traveling the world ever since.

I met with Pucho at the end of April to discuss his recent successes at 4 West Coast music clubs. The Conga Room, The Elbow Room and Mr. E's.  Listen to this old timer tell of his growing base of fans throughout the world.