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Bobby Cruz

Bobby Cruz has the distinction of being a legend in Salsa music, as well as the holder of a degree in Theology. He and Richie Rey have been playing together for the better part of Bobby's musical career. In 1970, the pair left New York for Puerto Rico.

Both Bobby and Richie had religious experiences, which led them to temporarily put their music careers on hold, and pursue their evangelical paths. Recently, they have begun to perform in both the religious and secular arenas in the United States, Puerto Rico and Colombia, South America, to crowds larger than either had ever imagined was possible.

Bobby is currently associated with a church in the Miami area, which has a recording studio of professional caliber attached to it where musicians of all types record their music. The accompanying interview was recorded there.

Bobby Cruz proudly points to the 1,000 seat capacity of his church.

Bobby Cruz's Church.

Bobby Cruz standing outside his tour bus.

Kerby Baton, myself and Bobby Cruz standing outside Bobby's tour bus.