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Gio in Schorndorf

Giovanni In Schorndorf

Giovanni Hidalgo worked his percussion magic at a clinic performance in Schorndorf, Germany on May 6th, 1998. The event, put on by Just Drums owner Jurgen Mader, was one of 10 international appearances that was made by the number one percussionist in the world. LP's Gio performed in several cities in Germany and went on to wow the crowds in Italy and Spain.

To close the show in Schorndorf, Gio invited percussionists Efrain Toro and Michito Sanchez to join him. The crowd was blown away with the sound of the Galaxy Giovanni Series Requinto. No other drum made today has this range of tones. His slaps or secos crackle and the drum manages to deliver a bottom that you would expect only from congas with much larger head diameters.

Gio has said that if there were but one drum to bring to a gig, this would be the one he would choose.

Stefan Hess, Gio's able assistant during his German tour.