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Lewis Nash

Lewis Visited my LP® photo studio in September of 1999& for his first photo session and to choose some percussion to fit his jazz configurations. Lewis' interest in sounds borrows from many ethnic cultures, including Latin from the Caribbean, Irish, African and Brazilian. He does stress that these are all to add to the jazz experience, not take away from it.

His current group consists of Steve Kroon on percussion, Steve Nelson on Vibes, Regina Carter on Violin, Mulgrew Miller on piano (though it was Steven Scott that was playing piano when I saw the show).

Lewis performed impromptu on the percussion gear shown in the photo to the left and talked about his work and how he incorporates rhythms from all over the world. He talks about Puente's "consign" of his drumset approach to playing Latin music.

Lewis is always looking for new sounds that he judges will blend with his musical style and the many rhythms he brings to his work. He was especially interested in whether he could get a maraca to lock with a particular pattern that he wanted to use. Between Pete "El Conde" Rodriguez and Pete's son, two of the best maraca players in the business, Lewis wasn't able to get what he wanted. Lewis thought perhaps another shaker would do the job better. Time didn't allow for us to come up with the right item.

Pete 'El Conde' Rodriguez, Lewis Nash, Steve Kroon and Pedro Emilio Rodriguez. Not your traditional rhythm section, but one made up of Cuban/Puerto Rican, Solid Jazz, Fusion, and Salsa. One thing that you can always say about a group of this calibre is that it will swing and it will be a learning experience for all the big eared people of which we had a full house.

Steve Kroon, who works a lot with Lewis, played accompanyment to many of the jams that took place that day. Pete, Jr. was no doubt talking some jazz stuff for which he has studied on trumpet, along with classical music.

Steve Kroon demonstrating a rhythm to Pete Rodriguez, Jr. as Lewis Nash looks on.