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Chino Nuñez

It has been eleven years since I saw Chino Nuñez in the Bronx when we celebrated Tito Puente's 65th birthday. Despite the cold day and complaints of hurt hands, we had a great time. That was in April 1988 and now it's a hot day in June 1999 and once again we are having a great time.

Today when Chino spoke about his career as a first-call percussionist in New York, he confessed that he has been blessed. "Everything has been going good for me." Right now he is playing piano, arranging, and producing. He even has his own recording studio at home.

He did some writing for the road tour of Evita under the musical direction of conductor Kevin Farrow and when the show comes to New York, he will get the call to play for the show. In addition, he is the musical director for the Ray Sepulveda's Orchestra.

He's also doing a lot of Salsa gigs. He has recorded most of Tito Nieves' albums and he has also recorded with Jose "El Canario" Alberto, Marc Anthony, Cheo Feliciano, Emmanuel, Lissett Melendez, Sandy y Papo, RMM Tribute to Selena, Isidro Infante & Elite. He also played with the great Tito Puente.

Soon Chino will tour Martinique with RMM All Stars. Then he will be going to Chicago, Italy, and Germany with Alex Fox, a flamenco guitarist from Miami. Chino Nuñez is going a lot of places and making a lot of music. Everything has been falling into place for Chino. He feels truly blessed.

Listen to what Chino had to say to me during his visit.

Listen to danzon duet between Chino on timbales and Frankie Vazquez playing the amazing LP® Super Guiro.