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Chris Theberge

On April 30, 1999 the Evans drum head company, along with LP, conducted an evaluation session for their new synthetic conga heads. One of those who stopped by to contribute his thoughts on this new product was Chris Theberge who has been working with Groove Collective for the last 7 years. This 10 piece band is one that brings together many different musical elements such as Latin, funk and jazz that has shaped a wonderful and unique sound which has kept this band working a great deal.

Chris is a user of LP®'s Galaxy Fiberglass Congas and is quick to point out that these are the loudest and strongest drums made. This is an important feature for a percussionist working in this sometimes loud situation, where being heard is a major challenge. Chris points out he is not one to have his hands split open from playing too hard and his Galaxy's make this possible.

While Chris has played drums since he was a kid growing up in South America, he got himself a college degree in a nonmusical area, a condition that his parents imposed on them financing his education. He worked for a while in the financial area in New York but the call of music was too powerful and he finally made the break from the Suit and Tie world to the wonderful world of musical performance. He has never looked back or considered going back to that office world.

Since he didn't grow up in the Afro-Carribean world that he has come to love, he realizes that he has to be involved in a conciencious effort to catch up with the deep musical and folk traditions of Cuba and just recently returned from an inspirational trip to this Island where he tells of how open the people were to an outsider like himself. When a rumba band performing in a club he went to heard that he was in the club, they invited him to sit in on quinto. He accepted the invitation and loved the experience.