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The King Visits LP

©Photo by Martin CohenTito Puente, the undisputed King of Latin Music, stopped by LP to discuss the new timbales that he would take on tour with him.  This tour took place in July, 1998 with Steve Winwood and Arturo Sandoval. Artist Manny Vega met with the product development department and artist relations team at LP headquarters in Garfield, NJ to discuss the elaborate designs.The timbales were also to mark the 75th birthday of this grand master which took place on the 20th of April.

On April 29th 1998 I had the good fortune of being able to attend the rehearsal of the Tito Puente Orchestra for the live recording the following week at the nightclub, Birdland, in New York City.  The rhythm section of this band was and always had been solid LP.   The rehearsal took place at Carroll Musical, which figured significantly in the birth of LP. Carroll Bratman, founder of this company, advanced me the money to build my first instruments in 1964.

Johnny Rodriguez, Jr. was playing bongos while José Madera was playing timbales and conducting the band.