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Tito Puente Tribute




Tito Puente's Smokeout
Part 1

Tito pays a cigar tribute to Johnny Pacheco's
flute playing. Pacheco had some words
for me regardinghis great hair and
what he looks like in a brown suit.


Tito always plays for his parties.Here he is joined
by Nicky Marrerro. Listen to the jam


Nicky Marrerro was in top form for the Timbale Duels.


Vivianne Cohen and The King, Tito Puente.


Ralphie Irizarry, Tito and Nicky Marrerro.


Bob Sancho from Bronx Lebenon Hospital
and Tito. Bob has done so much good work
for the Latin music community by seeing
to it that musicians receive proper medical care.

Tito proposes a new percussion ensemble.
He liked the name New Millenium.
Here him tell the story.