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Tito Puente Scholarship Boat Ride
New York City, 1999

On July 24, 1999, Tito Puente held his 19th annual Scholarship Boat Ride. This was the 4th one held on one of World Yachts ships that leaves from a Hudson River pier next to the Circle Line in New York City.  The departure time was 8:30 PM and the boat returned to dock at midnight. 

For each of the four years the weather has been great and the crowd that attends these events, devoted Puente fans, like myself.  We all have the chance to listen and dance to the best music in the world. For this year's event, in addition to the one-of-a-kind Tito Puente Orchestra, there was Orlando Marin's band and Eddy Zervigon's Orquesta Broadway. Relive this great event through my Photo Gallery, found only at