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Tito Puente Tribute




The Passing of a Legend
Tito Puente
May 31, 2000


Tito Puente
 King of Latin Music
We Will Always Love You!
April 20, 1923 - May 31, 2000


I had the honor of not only having Tito Puente record on several of the albums I produced in the 1970s into 1980, but was also fortunate to travel around the world with him on 4 tours with the "Latin Percussion Jazz Ensemble."

In 1979 and 1980, these tours helped move Tito into the world of Latin Jazz and introduced the world to this master's music.

During the most difficult moments of these tours, Tito was always there with a funny line to break the tension and make the shows a success.  He slept very little and was, inspite of his advancing age, always buoyed up by the work he did and the adulation of his adoring fans.

Tito Puente was the most loved musician I have ever known and was always loyal to the musicians who served him.  Some, like Johnny "Dandy" Rodriguez, have been with him for over 38 years.

The passing of this legend, I am most sorry to say, brings to an end the era of big band Latin music.

I will always love Tito, and his music and memories will never fade.

Martin Cohen (aka congahead)

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