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Watch and listen as top Dutch percussionist and great friend of mine, Jeroen De Rijk, discribes what he does if he has no congas at a gig.

Johnny "Dandy" Rodriguez and Jose Madera have been working with the Tito Puente Orchestra for quite a number of years. This work has taken them to all corners of the globe and in these travels they have encountered many funny situations. Here are a few of these stories, heard nowhere else but at

Hair Dryer
Held Up
Frankie Figueroa
Miracle Ear
German Shepard

My dear friend Eddie Montalvo is not just a great conga drummer, but a funny guy. Listen to him talk about his trip to the White House where he got to meet Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Montalvo on Tito Puente at the White House
Montalvo on Ralphie Irizarry at the White House

Listen to Eddie "Gua Gua" Rivera tell a funny story about joy riding a Cadillac car to a gig in Florida while working with the great, Mongo Santamaria.
Listen to Ron Powell tell a funny story about being in the Red Light district of Paris.
Richie Bonilla has been managing Salsa bands for the last 38 years and he told me a funny story about traveling to Mexico with Patato, who was accompanying Cachao. The striking contrast of working with the Japanese Salsa bands makes this story especially funny.
Carol Steele tells of a memorable experience working with Nelson Gonzalez's band and how she turned to the bullet proof reinforced LP® congas when the bullets started flying.
Listen to Ralph MacDonald talk about Bill Cosby and James Brown, the only two dates he ever walked off of.
Ralph on Cosby and Brown - RealAudio
Steve Thornton tells a funny story of working with Miles Davis.
Listen to funnyman, Ray Vega spoofs on Carlos 'Patato' Valdez, Mongo Santamaria and Johnny Pacheco.
Mr. Jiggs was one of my most popular models that I photographed to promote my product line.  He would play the congas and hit the timbales harder than any musician I have ever encountered. Check out a story on Mr. Jiggs and a collection of photos in an exclusive photo gallery. There is also a new Mr. Jiggs Tribute Gallery available in the Classic Shots Section
Listen to Marty Sheller tell the story of the hit tune Watermelon Man, performed by the Mongo Santamaria band, who Marty was the musical director for.
Listen to Johnny Pacheco tell how he can be mistaken for a Cuban cigar.