Christmas Party at the Cohen's 2004

1-25 | 26-48

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Myself and Matthew with gifts from Bobby and Evelyn Allende. Carmello Anthony sneaker! Matthew with Bobby Allende as Santa. Matthew Cohen. Thalia Tassy with her grandmother, Vivianne.
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Melissa and my grandaughter, Anja. My daughter, Andrea. Jacque and Katiana Tassy. Jacques, Thalia and Katiana Tassy. Matthew Cohen.
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Martin and Jou Jou Henriquez. Rene and Joey Henriquez. Marc Quiñones. Bobby Allende Nancy, Gigi and Paul Haggans.
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Melissa Labossiere. Seli Green. Yolanda Gargano. Muriel Henriquez and Chloe. Jimmy Delgado.
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Taylor and Gigi. Chloe Thalia with father, Jacque looking on. The kids. Isa and Julian Jones.