Manny Vega holding a photo of his wife, Ana Araiz.

Ana Araiz did a great deal for Latin music from managing Salsa Monday at SOB in New York City to promoting numerous Hispanic-oriented events. She was also responsible for launching the career of trombonist and bandleader, Jimmy Bosch, whom she managed. As well, Larry Harlow attributes his return to musical performance to Ana’s encouragement.

Manny Vega, Ana’s husband, is an artist who is devoted to preserving and promoting the culture of the African Diaspora. His mosaic depicting New York Santeros adorns the 110th Street Subway station.

Manny was a wonderful husband who attended to Ana’s every need right up to the moment of her death. Ana passed away at 43 years of age, and will be sorely missed.

Photographs taken of Manny’s memorial for Ana can be viewed HERE.

Listen to some sound samples of the music:

Track 1

Track 2

Track 3