Little Johnny Rivero and his NYC Giants

Recently there was a special night of fiery entertainment at SOB's in New York City when conguero great, Little Johnny Rivero performed with a band made up of some of the best musicians the world of salsa and Latin jazz has to offer. The talented and versatile Venezuelan percussionist, Luisito Quintero led the orchestra, and Giovanni Hidalgo showed his support for Little Johnny by performing both sets with the group.

Contributing musicians included:
Little Johnny Rivero, conga and leader
Luisito Quintero, timbales and musical director
John Benitez, bass
Leo Blanco piano, keyboard
Piro Rodriguez, trumpet
Noah Bless trombone
Johnny "Dandy" Rodriguez, bongos
Mario Rivera, sax
Nelson Gonzalez, tres
Nelson Jaime Gazu, trumpet
Gilbert "Pulpo" Colon, piano
Richie Viruet, trumpet
Pedro "Pedrito" Martinez, vocal and bata
Giovanni Hidalgo, conga and bongo
Sully Diaz, vocals

Check out concert and backstage photos as well as some sound samples of the music and a quicktime movie from this event.