Pedro "Pedrito" Martinez and daughter, Ziona, Jair, Marvin, Rolando, Mauricio and Maciek

African Sunday in Montvale

LP® has its origins in producing drums for Caribbean music -- Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic. But I never forget the origins of these drums, and on May 1, 2005 I attempted to bring together some of the wonderful new African musical friends I had recently met to a gathering in my house.

Several of the invited guests were committed to musical work elsewhere so our African representation was lacking but the joy we experienced -- and the music that was made -- left little to be desired! Participating in this gathering were vocal talents of Cameroonian singer, Kaïssa, bassist Greg Novick and drummer Maciek Schejbal, Pedro "Pedrito" Martinez and his friends, Mauricio Herrera, Marvin Diz and Jaair showed their percussion versatility. I hope to be able to host more such afternoons and hopefully with a better showing of African musicians.

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