Standing: Jason Lindner, Baba Israel, Pernell Saturino
Front row: Dana Leong, Edmar Castaneda and Aviv Cohen

Dana Leong at LP

I was thrilled when trombone/cello master, Dana Leong, agreed to bring a group to the LP studio to create a tune for the 2006 holiday cd. This young master is a mainstay with Paquito D'Rivera's musical presentations and in one case, replaced the legendary Yo Yo Ma. Dana's project brought to our Holiday CD, for the first time a rapper, Baba Israel. It was exciting to present this exciting spoken word element within the context of a band. What a band it was with Dana Leong on cello/trombone, Edmar Castaneda on harp, Aviv Cohen on drums, Baba Israel on spoken word, Jason Lindner on keyboards, Pernell Saturino on percussion (conga, djembe, shakers, samba whistle).

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