Back Row: Avishai Cohen, Manuel Valera, Arturo Stable.
Front Row: Boris Kozlov, David Gomez, Jay Rodriguez

David Gomez at LP

On May 4th 2006, the extraordinarily talented, 24-year-old new LP endorser David Gomez and his group, Logical Progressions, came to the LP® studio to record his original composition, “Visions of Mahamudra.”

David performed on timbale. He also played all three sizes of bata drums simultaneously using the special stand manufactured by LP, as well as shekere, the Gajate footpedal bracket on the LP Blast Block, bass drum, and an array of bells, blocks, and cymbals surrounding his timbales.

David’s ability to lead an ensemble with leading edge players was just as impressive. His command of the timbale and all the assorted bells and blocks surrounding this instrument can only be described as virtuosic! Joining David for the session were Avishai Cohen on trumpet, Jay Rodriguez on tenor sax, Manuel Valera on piano, Boris Koslov on bass, and Arturo Stable on congas. For more information about David Gomez and Logical Progressions, please visit

David’s choice setup for the session included the LP Bronze Tito Puente Timbale with assorted bells and jam blocks, LP Bata drums with stand, LP newly designed Gajate Bracket, LP Shekere, and LP chimes.

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