Larry Harlow, joined by an all-star cast of salsa musicians at the NJPAC

Larry Harlow's Latin Legend of Fania 40th Anniversery Concert

On June 5th, 2004, Larry Harlow and AEG put together a big Salsa Dura at The New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark, NJ. Larry gathered almost everyone associated with his 40 year music career for this one-night-only salsa performance. The performance starred Larry Harlow and the Latin Legends Band, with special guest Giovanni Hidalgo.

As a highlight of the show, a group performed a song titled Thunder Drum. Written by Bobby Sanabria, the tune was performed by six drummers: Bobby Sanabria on drums, Giovanni Hildalgo on Palladium congas, Chembo Corniel on congas, Louis Bauzo on bongos and batas, Ralph Irizzarry on timbales and Nicky Marrero on timbales. The song, comprised entirely of percussion, was tied together by many individual solos, including a five-minute congas solo by Giovanni.

The performance included performances by Larry Harlow, Giovanni Hidalgo, Andy Harlow, Alfredo de La Fé, Jimmy Bosch, Sonny Bravo, Nicky Marrero, Ismael Miranda, Junior Gonzalez, Adalberto Santiago, Cano Estremera, Luisito Rosario and Emo Luciano. The Latin Legends band consisted of Bobby Sanabria, Chembo Corniel, Louie Bauzo, Ralph Irrizary in the percussion section; Mac Gollehon, Richie Viruet, Pete Nater and Lewis Kahn in the brass section and Guillermo Edghill on bass.

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