Top left to right: José Grajales, Nicky Laboy, Isreal Tannenbaum, Maximo Rodrguez, Pedrito Martinez, Orlando Vega, Harry Adorno, Little Johhny Rivero, Tony Escapa, Alfredo De La Fé, Johanna Castañeda and Ricky Salas Bottom left to right: Piro Rodriguez, Eric Velez, Leo Tisol, Edmar Castañeda and Alan Grubman

Veteran LP endorser Little Johnny Rivero gave Latin music loving fans in the Big Apple something to smile about when he played at the Arka Lounge in New York City recently.

Johnny, who played LP Galaxy Fiberglass Congas, surrounded himself with top shelf talent from the New York area. Performing with him on this evening were percussionist Pedro "Pedrito Martinez who played LP Accents Tribal Series Congas and LP Bata Drums, percussionist Tony Escapa who played LP’s New Bronze Shell Tito Puente Tribute Timbales, pianist Isreal Tannenbaum, bassist Maximo Rodriguez, vocalist Johanna Castañeda, trumpeter Piro Rodriguez, and Violinist Alfredo De La Fé. Several guest musicians provided additional instrumentation including percussionist Eric Velez, percussionist Orlando Vega, and violinist Alan Grubman.

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