Little Johnny Rivero's CD Cover

Little Johnny Rivero - Mr. LP

Recently, Little Johnny Rivero brought his band to the LP studio to record a tune that he dedicated to me called Mr. LP. This is a tune that is on his new cd, Pasos Gigantes on the Rumba Jams recording label. I am proud to say that all the photography associated with this recording was done by my 10 year old son, Matthew Cohen. This album features guest appearances by Papo Luca, Giovanni Hidalgo, Alfredo de la Fé, Nelson Gonzalez, Eric Figuerroa and Ray Castro. The musicians that accompanied Johnny on congas for this LP studio recording were: Harry Adorno on timbales, Daniel Antonetti on cajon, Waldo Chavez on bass, Adan Perez on keyboard, Ivan Renta on sax, and Orlando Vega on bongo.

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