Ron Otis, drummer with Earl Klugh, Steve Thornton and Yim at LP factory

Malaysia & Bangkok 2006

I traveled to Bangkok in December 2005 with two purposes. One was to attend the
Bangkok Jazz Festival, and the other was to accompany some musicians on a tour
of both the original and the new factories. Steve Thornton and two students of
his from Malaysia traveled to Thailand for both events. The festival gave me an
opportunity to meet some significant names in music, from the legendary Bob
James to Toninho Horta, Robertinho Silva, Jack Lee, Lewis Pragasam, Earl Klugh,
and Ron Otis. There also was an incredible Japanese group whose members' names
I didn't get.

When Steve Thornton entered the new factory he wanted to know where the
airplanes were! It was so big he thought a jumbo jet could fit inside. They were
captivated by the level of commitment on the part both the owners and the
workers, some of whom have been making our drums for over 25 years. Virtually
everything that goes into making the drums, from the forming of the heavy gauge
rims, their plating, the sawing and the shaping of the wood and injection
molding of the tambourine shells is done in house. The most comprehensive
percussion factory in the world.

After the factory visit I met up with Steve Thornton in Malaysia where he
performed two nights in the new No Black Tie music club that the owner Evelyn
Hii created from the finest materials and attention to detail -- creating a
small, but acoustically perfect, music room. Of course the trip to KL wouldn't
be complete without a dim sum meal with our customer Ken Phua, from Bentley

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