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My wife, Vivianne, and I were honored to receive nearly two hundred people into our home on February 1 of this year for my fourth annual birthday celebration. We had the good fortune to welcome La India, the accomplished Latin music singer, as well. I was flattered by her musical tribute to me later in the evening, and I would like to thank Victor Hernandez for bringing his dear friend to the party. Little Johnny Rivero was responsible for the extended choruses of her song. Click here to listen in Real Audio

Candido, who is 81 years young, added to the festivities by performing for us for the first time. This legendary conguero is responsible for the evolution of multi-conga drum playing. He is also probably the first percussionist to introduce a high degree of independence in playing the congas, the foot-operated cowbell, and the guiro at the same time.

I would like to thank my remarkable wife Vivianne for planning and organizing this extraordinary event, and for preparing the varied and delicious buffet, which we all enjoyed so much.

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       Artists appearing at this event were:
  • Kotan
  • Will Calhoun
  • Ralphie Irizarry
  • Victor Jones
  • Neil Ochoa
  • Luis Mangual
  • Tony Escapa
  • David Oquendo
  • Antonia Bennett
  • Robyn Lobe
  • DJ Elvira
  • Orlando Vega
  • Danny Ramirez
  • Daniel Sadownick
  • Andres Levin
  • Wilmer Vega
  • Chris Theberge

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