Little Johnny Rivero’s Heat Wave and Lula Valdivia

On October 10, 2010 Little Johnny Rivero brought his Latin jazz band, Heat Wave to the studio.  Accompanying Johnny were  Hector Davila, Luques Curtis, Louis Fouché, Anibal Martinez and David Silliman.  An added attraction for this wonderful Sunday afternoon of great music was the lovely singer from Peru, Lula Valdivia with John Benitez,Yuri Juarez and Hector Morales.

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First San Francisco Photo Shoot

This is a photo from my first San Francisco Photo Shoot taken at the Mission Cultural Center.  I think the year was 1985 but some of the guys in the photo might know the exact year.  Some of the guys in the photo are Eric Rangél, Babatunde Lee, Michael Pluznick, John Santos, Karl Perazzo, Chalo Eduardo, Benni Duarte, Orestes Vilato, Mario Abruzo, Michael Spiro.  Please get in touch with me with missing names.Thanks to Rafael Ramierez the following info was supplied:Top Row ~ Sammuel Ramirez, Rsafael Ramirez,Daryl Rogers


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Vivianne’s Birthday Party

Vivianne celebrated her birthday a bit late this year but it was successful party.  Perfect weather and great gathering of family and friends.  Everyone was amazed that Vivianne prepared all the food with help from Maria.  Papilon brought a great merengue band  that had the dancers going.  As usual, DJ Javick killed it with his amazing mixes.

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Random Explorations

img_0360 bw70-0036-3 img_1302 img_6630 img_1426 img_3925 Alison Wedding at the Rockwood Music Hall. May 20, 2012 img_4895 p1130527_processed p1130541_processed p1220212  2K9A3734-Edit DSC03520 DSC00035 9L6A8720 CY5C5466 2K9A0075 2K9A4830_Processed Misha Tsiganov, Hendrik Meurkens, Gustavo Amarante and Rogerio Boccato, Javier Raez and Martin Cohen Susan Pereira img_1052 cy5c0158 Daniel Antonetti Axel Laugart img_0448 Paulo Stagnaro and Marcos Lopez cy5c4827_processed Sylvia Voors. Amsterdam, Holland img_0410

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