Conrad Herwig

Trombone great, Conrad Herwig known for his work in Salsa with Eddie Palmieri and with the Frank Sinatra, Jr. orchestra.  He is an Associate Professor at Rutgers University and has recently joined the staff of Juliard School of Music

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Classic Photos 1

Classic Photos is a peek at the early years of my photography covering the jazz and emerging Latin/Salsa scenes including icons such as Tito Puente, Carlos “Patato” Valdez, Arsenio Rodriguez and more

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Random Explorations

img_0663 Bali, Indonesia. March, 2011 cy5c0697 Marcel at Gasthaus am schiffin Mammern, Switzerland Françcoiz Constin at Baiser Salé, Paris France. cy5c9386 img_3673 p1040572 Ivan Llanes p1130922_processed p1120711_processed p1130153_processed cy5c8343 p1210830 DSC07244 DSC09664 DSC04659 DSC01968 2K9A4965_Processed img_3034 Francis and John Benitez Garbiele Rivera cy5c3897 img_5061_0 Carlos Mena img_6316 DSC09391 cy5c7599 Kamilo Kratc Martin Cohen at El Moro, Puerto Rico

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