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img_0710 Alison Wedding at the Rockwood Music Hall. May 20, 2012 cy5c7930-edit Brussels, Belgium George Pelapessy Michael League Munyungo Jackson Vivianne and Anela p1040134 cy5c4413_processed cy5c8358  Joe Blaxx and Bendji Alonce DSC07039 DSC05872 DSC00464 9L6A8507 Jennifer Vincent DSC04110 CY5C4479 img_8999 Peter Matson img_0152 Isaac Katalay and the Life Long Project at the Zinc Bar. Martin Cohen and Brahim Fribgane 'Nuf Said-Rie Tsuji, Andrew Gould, Rozhan Razman, Avishai Rozen, Ioana Ventu and Teriver Cheung Matthew Cohen and Juan de Marcos Gonzalez DSC08547 . Little Johnny Rivero CD release, The Music In Me event at SOB. Sept. 29, 2016. img_2174

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