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img_0286 Luis Feife and Mike Rodriguez at Lake Konstanz.  Allensbach, Germany Gerry Madera, Orestes Vilato, Johnny "Dandy" Rodriguez and Renaldo Jorge lantao, HK p1030751 p1050404 cy5c4356_processed cy5c4444_processed cy5c7473-edit_processed imgp4162 cy5c8517 p1230508  Daymar Calvario, Mario Salomon, Jhair Sala and Joel Cuesta Fernández Henry Cabrera 2K9A0345 _DSC3785 2K9A6146-Edit DSC09886 DSC04545 Andrea Tiera Gilito Piñera JC Maillaard, Martin Cohen and Guadalupe drummer Vivianne Cohen. Schafhausen, Switzerland. Mika Mimura, Martin Cohen and Magda Daniel Moreno p1050583_processed img_8632 p1130451

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