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Little Johnny Rivero and almost 91 year old percussion legend, Candido img_1644 img_1267_0 Juan,Sheila, Pete and Martin Jeryl Johnston and Sonny Bravo Jouhara and Lukmil Sarah Pimentel Hadar Noiberg Miguel Vargas Tamer Pinabasi img_3919 Mayra Valdes and Steve Thornton Martin Cohen, John Benitez, Miguel de Armas, Yusnier Sanchez Bustamante, Marcos Lopez and Javier Raez cy5c8456 cy5c8512 p1230159 p1230753 Alfredo de la Fé Toninho Boza Rivera DSC06251 P1270831 Joe Benjamin DSC09025 Bobby Sanabria crop0071 Backup singers p1120371 Willie Moreno Mambo Legends cy5c4657_processed

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