Joe Benjamin & A Mighty Handful perform at Congahead Studio

Joe Benjamin & A Mighty Handful perform two songs at Congahead Studio. American Dream….”This song is a voice to all who came to the US, but were not born here. It describes the let downs I encountered but how I was still able to finish it all on a good note.” Exterminator….”Bed Bugs are certainly one of the biggest perks of living in New York City. When the exterminator came to help, I wondered if he could get rid of more than just the infestating bugs…”

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Martin’s 76th Birthday Celebration

Today we are celebrating Martin Cohen’s 76th birthday party with a live stream from Congahead studios.  Like every year, we start the party with a small band led by Little Johnny Rivero followed by a jam with all the musicians at the party. Hope you enjoy. Please share.

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Random Explorations

Xiomara Laugart img_0888 img_1181 Vivianne Cohen and Eveline E. Soekotjo July Monte Eddie Zervigon and Jorge Maldonado Vivianne and Nomsa Miguel Vargas Vivianne. Bali, Indonesia p1080853 cy5c3745_processed p1140727_processed cy5c4964 cy5c5022 cy5c5330 p1230177 2K9A4090 Martin Cohen, Juan Pablo Calvo, Michael Eaton, Eric Kurimski, Jackie Coleman, Moris Cañate, Rudyck Vidal, Javier Raez, Guillermo Raez. Seated, Erica Parra, Ronald Polo and Johanna Catañeda. DSC02793 DSC_5252 img_0694 img_1947 Schafhausen, Switzerland. Gerardo Contino John Walsh, Kevin Bryan, and Mitch Frohman img_3392 Ismel Wignall Eiffel Tower. Paris, France. cy5c4810_processed img_5551

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