Ilan Bar-Lavi video performs at Congahead Studio.

Guitarist iLan Bar-Lavi performs De Picture at Congahead Studio.

Composer: Shelly Tzarafi / iLan Bar Lavi
Hebrew lyrics: Shelly Tzarafi
Spanish lyrics: Traditional Son Jarocho
Arranger: iLan Bar Lavi

Bandleader / Guitar:iLan Bar-Lavi
Vocal:Shelly Tzarafi
Jarana:Jerónimo González Garcia
Alto Sax: Godwin Louis
Bass:Panagiotis Andreou
Piano:Victor Gould
Percussion: Gabriel Lugo
Drum set:Amaury Acosta

Audio engineer, video, edit, assist. producer: Javier Raez
Audio mixed by: Gabo Lugo
Video: Giancarlo Dittamo
Producer, video, edit: Martin Cohen

Food and Hospitality
Vivianne Cohen


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