Bedstuy Ewe Perform at Congahead Studio

Morrocan musician, Amino Belyamani, brought his Ewe African ensemble to Congahead Studio. These are an ewe social piece from Ghana as taught by Master Chief Drummer Alfred Kwashie Ladzekpo. Bedstuy Ewe performs Kpomegbe & Kinka as well as Husago & Akufede.

Atsimevu:Dan Seldner
Gankogu: Andrew Munsey
Kroboto, Lead Vocals: Amino Belyamani
Kaganu, Backup Vocals: Shelly Thomas
Kidi: Aakaash Israni
Axatse; Ochion Jewell, Ben Sterling Qasim NaqviGboba
Lead Vocals: Amino Belyamani
Kidi, Backup Vocals: Shelley Thomas
Gankogui: Aakaash Israni
Kaganu: Andrew Munsey

Audio Engineer, Video, Edit, Assist. Producer: Javier Raez
Video: Ben Fredette
Executive Producer, video: Martin Cohen

Food and Hospitality
Vivianne Cohen








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