Remembering Armando Peraza, Celebration of Life.

These are three short videos, remembering percussionist Armando Peraza, in San Francisco, April 2014.  People who really knew Armando Peraza reflect on his humanity, intellect and trend setting musicality.

Audio engineer, video, edit, producer: Javier Raez
Producer, video: Martin Cohen

Thanks to:
Josephine Peraza
Carol Steele
Mario Abruzzo
Raul Rekow
John Santos
Edgardo Cambón
Ray Etzler
Massoud Badakhshan
Mingo Lewis

Special Thanks:
Arturo Riera
Josephine Peraza
John Santos
Mario Abruzzo
Tom Erhlich
Latin Percussion
Dr. Rock
Rita Gentry
Dawn Holiday

Viva Peraza!


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