Marc Quiñones & Bobby Allende present Pablo Alarcón to perform at Congahead Studio

Marc Quiñones and Bobby Allende brought chilean singer Pablo Alarcón to Congahead Studio to perform Alguien Como Tu, Ayer  & Alguien Como Tu .


Alguien Como Tu Composed by: Obie Bermudez 
Alguien Como Tu Arranged by: Gino Picart
Ayer Composed by: David Foster / Jeremy Lubbock / Rudy Perez
Ayer Arranged by: Efrain Davila
Alguien Como Tu Composed by: José Antonio Martinez
Alguien Como Tu  Arranged by: Ramon Sanchez

Lead Vocal: Pablo Alarcón
Timbale: Marc Quiñones
Congas: Bobby Allende
Bongo: Carlos Padrón
Bass: Ruben Rodriguez
Piano: Gino Picart
Trumpet: Manuel “Maneco” Ruiz
Trumpet: Samuel Barreto
Trombone: José Cruz:
Trombone: Pablo Santaella
Vocal: Quique González
Vocal: Eddie Rosado
Vocal: Renzo Padilla

Audio engineer, video, edit, assist. producer: Javier Raez
Audio mixed by: Joe Sandoz
Video: Mitchell Vinokur
Video: Jason Ertrachter
Executive Producer, video, edit: Martin Cohen

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Vivianne Cohen


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