How LP (Latin Percussion) Began-Over 50 Years of Untold Stories

This video tells of how the first bongo was conceived of and created. The first hardware was created in a company building military instrumentation. That very same bongo was recreated in 2014 as the 50th Anniversary model that has already become the go to bongo by the leading players who have passed through the studio.


Few know the true and crazy story about how LP began. How a Jewish guy from the Bronx, NY with almost no money, was able to grow the largest percussion company in the world that has been loved by the greatest percussionists in the world. A company that has been in existence for over 50 years. The only musical instrument company to have assembled a world class musical group to grow its market around the world.

Pocos conocen la historia verdadera y loco sobre cómo comenzó LP. ¿Cómo un chico judío del Bronx, Nueva York, casi sin dinero, fue capaz de crecer la compañía más grande de la percusión en el mundo que ha sido amado por los más grandes percusionistas del mundo. Una empresa que ha estado en existencia por más de 50 años. La única empresa de instrumentos musicales de haber reunido a un grupo de clase musical mundial crezca su mercado en todo el mundo.

Audio engineer, video, edit, producer: Javier Raez
Video: Giancarlo Dittamo
Photography, Executive Producer: Martin Cohen


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