Gabriel Hernandez/Bobby Kapp Video session

Yasser Pino. Bobby Kapp, Matthew Cohen, Rey David Francis Benitez, Jazon Kaplan, John Benitez, Gabriel Hernandez, ?, and Miguelo Valdes. Lower level, Brett Arndt, Javier Raez, Sandra Kratc, Dennier Hernandez, Mauricio Herrera, Martin Cohen and Ivan Renta

Jazz singer ,Bobby Kapp, alongside Gabriel Hernandez, put together a band with New York artist to perform Cascada, Con Sandunga and Cilla at Congahead Studio.

Con Sandunga Composed by: Gabriel Hernandez
Cilla Composed by: Robert Kaplan
Cascada Composed by: Gabriel Hernandez

Lead Vocal: Bobby Kapp
Piano: Gabriel Hernandez
Bass: John Benitez
Congas: Miguel Valdez
Timbal: Mauricio Herrera
Drums: Francis Benitez
Trumpet / Mellophone: Dennis Hernandez
Alto Saxophone: Román Filiu
Tenor Saxophone: Ivan Renta
Trombone: Rey David Alejandre

Audio engineer, video, edit, producer: Javier Raez
Video: Matthew Cohen
Video: Sandra Kratc
Video: Brett Arndt
Producer, video, edit: Martin Cohen

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Vivianne Cohen


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