Nils Fischer & Timbazo perform Rumberos A Montón

While on our european trip this past July, we had the chance to do a LIVE session with timba band from Rotterdam, Netherlands, Nils Fischer & Timbazo who performed Rumberos A Montón.


Composed by: Guillermo Fernández
Arranged by: Iván “Melon” Lewis

Congas / Band Leader: Nils Fischer
Lead Vocal: Fabian Nodarse “Huracán”
Vocal: Daniel Lopez Montejo “El Bruja”
Vocal: Yumarya Grijt
Piano / Musical Director: Marc Bischoff
Bass: Samuel Ruiz
Timbal / Drums: Armando Vidal
Bongo / Cowbell: Wigbert Martina
Güiro: Eduardo Alfonso
Trumpet: Oscar Cordero “Chucky”
Trumpet: Joe Rivera
Trombone: Juanga Lakunza
Trombone: Bernadette Evers

Audio engineer, video, edit, producer: Javier Raez
Video: Matthew Cohen
Producer, video, edit: Martin Cohen
Sound Engineer: Cris Van Vollenhoven
Lights & Backline: Kia Pour
Recording Engineer: Theo Janssen

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