La Tematik at Congahead Studios

NYC based timba band La Tematik once again at congahead to perform their new single Soy Temática

Composed By: Mario Salomon
Arranged By: Daymar Calvario

Piano / Vocal / Band leader: Sebastian Natal
Congas / Vocal / Band leader: Jhair Sala
Bass / Vocal: Daymar Calvario
Lead Vocal / Flute: Javier Porta
Drums: Mario Salomon
Timbal: Keisel Jimenez
Keys: Cristian González
Trombone: Hommy Ramos
Trumpet: Juan Quiñones
Tenor Saxophone: Jorge Castro

Producer / Audio / Video: Javier Raez
Camera: Brett Arndt
Camera: Guillermo Raez
Executive Producer / Camera: Martin Cohen

Food and Hospitality
Vivianne Cohen


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