Gonzalo Porta’s Salsa Band

Gonzalo Porta, Uruguayan singer living in Australia put together a salsa band lead by Sebastian Natal to perform two of his own compositions. 


Uruguayan singer living in Australia, Gonzalo Porta stops by our studio with band lead by Sebastian Natal to perform his tune Vuelve. 

Composed by: Gonzalo Porta
Arranged by: Marco Navas

Lead Vocal: Gonzalo Porta
Bass / Vocal / Musical Director: Sebastian Natal
Piano: Luis Gomez
Congas: Manuel Marquez
Timbal: Keisel Jimenez
Bongo / Cowbell / Vocal: Jeremy Bosch
Trombone: José Cruz
Trombone: Pablo Santaella
Trombone: Toninho Boza
Trumpet: Anibal Martinez
Trumpet: Manuel “Maneco” Ruiz


Producer / Audio / Video: Javier Raez
Camera: Giancarlo Dittamo
Camera: Guillermo Raez
Executive Producer / Camera: Martin Cohen

Food and Hospitality: Vivianne Cohen


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