Los Ajenos from Costa Rica

Costa Rican band, Los Ajenos visited Congahead Studios to perform their signature style of Latin Pop

Costa Rican band Los Ajenos stop by our studio while on their US tour to perform Vuelo Sin Razon

Booking: info@produccionesmcr.com

Composed By: Luis Gabriel Loria
Arranged By: Los Ajenos

Lead Vocal / LP Raw Toms: Luis Gabriel ” Luisga” Loria
Saxophone / Vocal: Andrés “Fofo” Madrigal
Trombone: Jorge ” Jorix” Chinchilla
Trumpet / Percussion: Luis Carlos ‘Pitín” Martínez
Guitar: Daniel Espinoza
Percussion: Kendall Berrocal
Drums: José Pablo Calvo
Keys: Nelson Segura
Bass / Vocal: Andrés Jiménez

Producer / Audio / Video: Javier Raez
Camera: Giancarlo Dittamo
Camera: Guillermo Raez
Executive Producer / Camera: Martin Cohen

Food and Hospitality
Vivianne Cohen


  1. Los Ajenos!!! The best from Costa Rica, such an honor to see these guys with Congahead… they are such a joy to see perform, their energy and music is contagious! Felicidades Ajenos!!

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