Orquesta Zaperoko La Resistencia Salsera del Callao

Peruvian salsa Orquesta Zaperoko La Resistencia Salsera del Callao stops by our studio while on their US tour to perform an original tune, Rumbero. 



Composed by: Luis Torres
Arranged by: Harold Widdup

Lead Vocal: Beto Rodriguez
Vocal: Andres Grados
Vocal: Dieghora Chuquitaype
Vocal: Manu Martinez
Vocal: Miguel Noriega
Piano: Harold Widdup
Bass: Junior Aguirre
Congas: Luis Torres
Timbal: Bredie Zuñiga
Bongo / Cowbell: Angello Seminario
Trombone: Jimmy Damacen
Saxophone: Pedro Azabache
1st Trumpet: Joao Muñiz
2nd Trumpet / Musical Director: Jhonny Peña


Producer / Audio / Video: Javier Raez
Camera: Giancarlo Dittamo
Camera: Guillermo Raez
Executive Producer / Camera: Martin Cohen

Thanks to:
Latino Network Entertainment
Marure Promotions

Food and Hospitality: Vivianne Cohen


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