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Pete 'El Conde' Rodriguez

Pete "El Conde" Rodriguez died in his sleep at the age of 65, on December 1, 2000, a victim of a heart attack. I am glad to have had the chance to know him. He told a great story and was a very kind gentleman, much adored by his wife and two children.

Pete "El Conde" was a great vocalist in the salsa/son style. He recorded "Yo Vengo Soltando Chispas" in the late 1960's; in the 1990's, he recorded "Bailando Contigo" and "Generations."

Pete "El Conde" was also recognized as one of the best maraca players in Latin music, and, to my surprise, he favored the LP Pro Maracas. For the live work he was doing, he found that they had superior cutting power.

Pete 'El Conde' and Francis Rodriguez

Pete 'El Conde', Cita and Pedro Emilio Rodriguez

Nadeen Gautier and Pete 'El Conde' Rodriguez at the Tito Puente Tribute concert at Madison Square Garden in September 2000

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