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img_1694 img_4432 img_2634 Herbie Hancock Erykah Badu Sonny Fortune Matthew at Colour Cafe, Brussels, Belgium Claurdette and Vivianne Vivianne and Martin Cohen with guitarist, Tim Callobre Gold Coast, Hong Kong. p1070343 cy5c2932_processed p1140698_processed Matthew and Javier in Paris Metro p1210232 2K9A3633 Pablo Mancilla 2K9A1205-Edit Kali, Marcos and Daniel Lopez, Marcos Lopez, Anibal Martinez, Marcos Castro, Paulo Stagnaro, Javier Raez and Yassir Tejeda. Seated, Axel Tosca, Jeremy Bosch, Hommy Ramos and Martin Cohen _DSC4096 DSC00097 DSC08903 DSC04537 cy5c3734 Luis Faife and John Benitez img_8935 Max Cudworth and Mike Rodriguez cy5c6499 img_8717 cy5c8539

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