Ensalada De Pulpo performs Intense

Ensalada De Pulpo led by Gilberto Colon, Jr “Pulpo” performs his tune, Intense for congahead.com with a star studded group made up of Little Johnny Rivero, conga; Erik Piza, bongo; Nelson Diaz, timbale; Rubén Rodriguez, Jr., bass; José Davila, trombone; Gilberto Colon, Jr., keyboard and leader.

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WELCOME to Congahead.com! My name is Martin Cohen and my passion for music has fueled much of my life’s activities. Since the 1950’s, I have been photographing and recording the world’s most creative and exciting musicians.

I began this website in order to share my good fortune in knowing many of the world’s finest percussionists and instrumentalists. I wanted to share the images, recordings, interviews, and movies I made of these legendary musicians. Within Congahead you will find many exciting sound clips, movies, photos and interviews from my personal collection. I invite you to join me online as I present the most talented musicians of contemporary music.

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