Joe Benjamin & A Mighty Handful perform at Congahead Studio

Joe Benjamin & A Mighty Handful perform two songs at Congahead Studio. American Dream….”This song is a voice to all who came to the US, but were not born here. It describes the let downs I encountered but how I was still able to finish it all on a good note.” Exterminator….”Bed Bugs are certainly one of the biggest perks of living in New York City. When the exterminator came to help, I wondered if he could get rid of more than just the infestating bugs…”

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Martin’s 76th Birthday Celebration

Today we are celebrating Martin Cohen’s 76th birthday party with a live stream from Congahead studios.  Like every year, we start the party with a small band led by Little Johnny Rivero followed by a jam with all the musicians at the party. Hope you enjoy. Please share.

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Random Explorations

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